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Evoking Historical Struggles, Hank Willis Thomas Examines the

“If the Leader Only Knew” (2014). All images © Hank Willis Thomas, shared with permission Through his bronze sculptures and public installations, Hank Willis Thomas (previously) examines history’s repetitions. The Brooklyn-based artist critically considers identity, social justice, and pop culture by visually weaving together the remains of the past that …

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Overflowing with Flora and Fauna, Collaged Paper Installations Comment

“Intimate Immensity” (2016). Photograph by Trevor Good. All images © Clare Börsch, shared with permission Sprawling across paint-chipped walls and tiny alcoves, the collaged installations of artist Clare Börsch mimic overgrown jungles and whimsical forest scenes. Layers of flora, fauna, and the occasional gemstone or human figure comprise the amorphous …

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Former Dragon James Caan’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ jobs alert

James Caan, the recruitment entrepreneur and former star of Dragons’ Den, has warned workers face a ‘Bloody Sunday’ of job cuts when the furlough scheme ends on November 1.  He warned unemployment will rise to ‘uncomfortable levels’ – and criticised Rishi Sunak’s measures to keep staff in work at firms …

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