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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay states she ‘will not subject herself’ to ABC’s

THE Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay said she “will not subject herself” to ABC’s “toxicity.”.

The 35-year-old’s comments come following rumors that she’ll change Chris Harrison as the host of the show.

Chris, 49, is presently under fire after he protected current Bachelor participant Rachael Kirkconnell and her past actions, that included going to an “Old Plantation” party while in college.

Following reaction from fans and the program’s alumni, Chris apologized for his painful words and announced he was temporarily stepping away from the truth franchise.

While it’s been speculated that Rachel will take control of the hosting tasks for the upcoming After The Final Rose special, the previous truth star appeared to close down the reports she’ll take control of the hosting responsibilities.

She exclusively told the PEOPLE: “Truthfully, I can’t even go there. Because one, Chris has just said that he’s stepping aside, and that’s all that I know, that he’s refraining from doing the finale.

” It’s tough for me to even think of being the host, because in a great deal of methods, Bachelor Country has actually changed my life in the best method possible. But at the exact same time, it’s actually hazardous. … And I don’t understand if I want to subject myself to that.”.

Rachel formerly starred on The Bachelorette in 2017 and made history as she reveal’s first black leading girl.

Earlier this month, entrant Rachael Kirkconnell stimulated outrage when photos resurfaced of her dressed up at a questionable “Old South” bash in 2018.

She is presently competing to win over Matt James, 29, on Season 25 of The Bachelor.

During an interview with Rachel, Chris asked fans to show “compassion” for Rachael.

He also claimed the bigotry problems were “fine” in 2018 however “not in 2021,” while including he’s “not the woke cops.”.

While talking with PEOPLE, Rachel kept in mind that she didn’t wish to feed into the concept that she was after the hosting gig all along.

She said: “I do not understand if I want to play into the whole line of believing that people believe I did this to get Chris Harrison’s task. It’s so wild.

” Yeah, I went to go have an interview with an individual to evaluate last night’s episode and I thought, ‘You understand what? Today’s the day I’m going to attempt to take your job.’.

” How would I even believe like that? But that’s the type of things that individuals state about me. So for me, I really do not understand– I don’t understand if that’s something that’s for me.”.

Rachel added that she would not be surprised if the program moved on without a host, stating: “Must Chris choose to say, ‘I don’t wish to do this at all,’ or, ‘I’m going to leave, my time is up,’ I could see them not [changing him]

” I mean, pre-quarantine, he was barely in the program, anyway. I believe that they might narration, bring in a past entrant. But for me, I do not know. And due to the fact that it’s so 50/50 on how individuals feel about me, I do not even truly think they would use it.”.

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The previous Bachelorette likewise said that she does not “wish to be muzzled,” discussing: “That freedom to say how I feel and to demand change and speak out, I could not do that the same way if I was the host.

” But on the other hand, if I was, then I ‘d be an individual in power who might say, ‘Hey, we need to do this.'”.

Rachel concluded that the franchise requires “to have someone in power who is an individual of color who gets it, who understands it. Due to the fact that as we’re seeing time and time once again, even with the lead [of color], you’re still not getting it, since we’re seeing things occur that should not.”

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