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Line Of Responsibility: ‘The Caddy’ Craig Parkinson tells Backstage he thinks

*** CAUTION: This article contains moderate spoilers for Line Of Duty, season six. Do not continue checking out if you are not up to date. You have actually been warned. ***.

Like millions of other people in the UK, Craig Parkinson has actually been lost down the Line Of Duty rabbit hole over the previous few weeks.

The star played the notorious Caddy – Matthew “Dot” Cottan – in the crime drama drama, and as a previous cast member he states it’s been terrific to see the program continue to deliver after production was shut down due to the pandemic, returning with rigorous COVID-19 procedures in location.

” I’m so pleased with the people for going back after the break, getting it done without any illness and delivering among the iconic great British dramas that we’ve produced in the previous few years,” Parkinson informs Backstage. “Talk about timing, all of us require AC-12 in our life right now, albeit I make certain they’re going to break some hearts eventually.”.

The star is also hosting a podcast which dissects each episode after it’s aired. This, he states, has actually resulted in him being invested “so deep” in the present series, which reaches its conclusion on Sunday.


” I’m seeing things in advance of the rest of the nation, I’m needing to view things two or three times, I’m forensically dissecting these episodes, my social networks timeline is awash with the maddest of theories you might perhaps picture,” Parkinson states.

Those theories are originating from fans turned armchair detectives, who will see the smallest of information left like breadcrumbs by author Jed Mercurio, as he continues to keep individuals guessing regarding who the 4th corrupt officer – referred to as H – could be.

Parkinson says the fandom has swelled given that the very first season aired back in 2012.

” It’s constructed slowly and gradually throughout the years, and they are compulsive. I have friends that have been in Medical professional Who and they discuss the Doctor Who fans – I suggest, the Line Of Responsibility fans are up there with their dedication and their love for these characters that Jed’s created.

” It’s sort of fantastic if I’m truthful, I’m certainly not slagging them off, you understand. We would not be anywhere without them – and I’m one of them.”.

In addition to following his previous Line Of Responsibility colleagues, Parkinson is also presently promoting his brand-new sci-fi series, Intergalactic. The show follows a group of female crooks on the run through space, and a mistakenly accused police officer forced to help them.

Parkinson plays the strange Dr Benedict Lee, a leader whose intentions aren’t instantly clear.

The star says it wasn’t till he talked about the character with director Kieron Hawkes that he was sure it was ideal for him.

” We began to discuss this character that initially I was quite afraid to take on due to the fact that it was very different to anything I have actually ever done,” he states. “Since it’s not black and white – he’s not the bad man or there was more to it – and we hit upon a tone that was nearly Lynchian, it’s nearly like a David Lynch character, really medical, quite anal, however needs to be in control.

” The intriguing thing is you never see Dr Lee physically touch anyone … he was getting on the hand sanitiser prior to we did the past year!”.

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The show is vibrant and futuristic and looks as though it had a huge budget plan for production style and visual impacts.

Parkinson says it was exciting to film because the sets were so “visually astounding”.

” There’s a scene in Dr Lee’s laboratory in episode one, and we weren’t in there for quite some time due to the fact that it was still being worked on, and when me and Parminder [Nagra – Parkinson’s co-star] stepped on it we simply took a consumption of breath due to the fact that it was just stunning.

” We had to wear slips over our shoes because the floor surface area, as the walls and the ceiling, was all mirrored. So you stepped on it and it resembled you could not believe that you step on it – so you felt a bit seasick, a bit woozy at first.”.

The show is composed by the acclaimed Julie Geary, who known for her female-led dramas consisting of Detainees’ Partners and Secret Journal Of A Call Lady, and has a cast of recognisable faces including Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson, Sex Education’s Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Natasha O’Keefe, from Peaky Blinders.

And Parkinson states while it is set in space, it can’t quickly be categorised.

” It’s otherworldly to me … I think with Intergalactic, you can’t just put it in a sci-fi/ drama [genre] I think there’s a lot more to it, and it’s reflected in Julie’s scripts – it’s so abundant and layered, and how typically do you turn on the telly and see a massively diverse, strong female-led ensemble? It just doesn’t occur.

” I believe timing is constantly key, as you know, in television, and I think now is that time.”.

Intergalactic is offered on Sky One and streaming service NOW. To hear our review of the show, listen to the current episode of Backstage, the film and TV podcast from Sky News.

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