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Should we renegotiate our home mortgage or get an individual loan?

Q We are intending to clear the remaining ₤ 48,700 of our home loan. We envisage having the ability to pay it off in full in two years’ time.

We have ₤ 35,000 in cost savings, which we plan to utilize to pay off that much of our home mortgage next month. This is because our fixed-rate home loan will be due for renegotiation. This would leave us with ₤ 13,700 left on our home mortgage.

We believe the very best thing to do is get a two-year individual loan and pay the whole mortgage off next month, leaving us with the individual loan of ₤ 13,700 to pay off over two years. This would indicate, however, that we would need to pay about ₤ 600 to leave our mortgage early.

Exists any reason we should renegotiate our home mortgage rather of getting the loan?


A Yes, there are several reasons that you must remortgage rather than take out an individual loan. However initially you must look at whether utilizing your ₤ 35,000 in savings to settle part of your mortgage is the very best course of action (as should the individual who has actually asked me whether he need to utilize his ₤ 40,000 in savings to settle his buy-to-let home mortgage).

If using all your cost savings would mean that you had no financial cushion to draw on in an emergency, using them partially to repay your mortgage is not a great concept. Utilizing some of your cost savings to settle some of your home mortgage– while leaving a big sufficient emergency situation fund– could make sense. However it wouldn’t if your cost savings would be better used to pay off exceptional charge card debts or an unsecured individual loan, for instance.

If you are otherwise debt-free and have a reasonable financial cushion in location, it makes best sense to clear ₤ 35,000 of your home mortgage. However the way to clear your home loan in full next month is not by taking out a personal loan, and definitely not by paying the mortgage off prior to the fixed-rate period has actually come to an end and so sustaining an early repayment fee of about ₤ 600.

The thing to do is to remortgage with a lending institution going to grant you a ₤ 13,700 home mortgage with a term of 2 years. Given that the minimum term with a lot of residential home loans is 5 years, this will not be simple. But according to Pete Mugleston of, it can be done. Short-term mortgages are offered states Mugleston, and they “can be for as low as six months to 2 to 5 years. Lenders [all] have their own minimum terms, which vary from no minimum to a 15-year minimum.”

Lenders likewise differ in the minimum quantity they are prepared to provide. Some put this at ₤ 25,000, while others are prepared to provide as low as ₤ 5,000. So to discover a loan provider that can provide the two-year term you need in addition to the reasonably small amount you want to borrow, you might think about getting help from a whole-of-market home mortgage consultant.

And in case you were questioning, the primary reason a short-term home loan is better than a personal loan is due to the fact that the interest rates on individual loans tend to be greater – in many cases as much as 10 times higher – than home loan interest rates.

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