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What time is I Can See Your Voice on TV tonight and how can I view

FANS are preparing for the 2nd episode of BBC’s newest guessing gameshow I Can See Your Voice.

The program has actually been cited as the BBC’s action to ITV’s The Masked Singer and here is how you can see the action unfold.

What time is I Can See Your Voice on TELEVISION?

I Can See Your Voice began on Saturday, 10 April at 7:20 PM on BBC One.

Episode two of the guessing game meets singing contest hybrid will air 15 minutes behind last week, at the time of 7:35 pm today (Saturday, 17 April).

This is due to live protection of Manchester City’s FA Cup semi-final clash with Chelsea at Wembley.

How can I watch it?

The program will constantly feature on BBC One, most commonly at 7:20 pm, it has actually just been changed this weekend because of the live sporting event prior.

The program is readily available to view on demand through BBC Iplayer need to you miss out on any of the episodes as they air, with the series set to run for 8 episodes.

What happens in I Can See Your Voice?

Inspired by the original South Korean show, I Can See Your Voice sees members of the general public complete in groups of two with the goal of finding the difference between the excellent and the bad mystery vocalists – though they can’t actually hear them.

Gradually, one by one the numbers of vocalists will be whittled down until we discover whether the final singer can in fact hold a tune when they have a duet with the visitor musical celeb.

The competitive component implies that if the 2 gamers, who are assisted by the celebrity judges, handle to expose the talented singer – they win the cash prize.

Nevertheless, if a bad vocalist evades detection, then they end up taking the cash on their own.

Program rules dictate that only the bad vocalists can lie about their musical skill, the great vocalists are required to stay truthful.

Each episode boasts four rounds, the opening round is called First Impressions where we satisfy the 6 mystery vocalists for the first time.

The group of two will then have to try and decipher who is great just from their name, look and some ideas given through shots of them outside of the studio.

Round Two is called Lip Sync, where the remaining entrants require to the stage to mime a tune. The excellent singers will be lip-syncing to their own voices while the bad ones will be doing it to another person’s.

The 3rd round offers the group of two an opportunity to find out more about 2 singers of their choice, while the last round – called “Interrogation”, sees the guessers have just 30 seconds to question the final two vocalists and will have a list of 15 questions they can inquire within the time limit.

Who are the judges on I Can See Your Voice?

The program boasts three regular judges, along with a new celeb visitor judge weekly.

The trio who make up the routine judging panel are comic Jimmy Carr, TV presenter Alison Hammond and actress Amanda Holden.

Jimmy Carr spoke about delighting in the opportunity to show viewers his versatility, saying: “It’s a slightly various side of me on this, It’s a very friendly program, and all of us got along from the get go.

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When inquired about I Can See Your Voice, Amanda Holden claimed: “It kind of breaks everything we as a society have actually been taught.

Which is, ‘Attempt not to judge anything by its look.’ However that’s exactly what we’re doing, since it’s all we’ve got.”

On The Other Hand, Alison Hammond yielded that even she had her doubts over I Can See Your Voice when she was very first pitched the idea, she stated: “You take a look at it and even I resembled, how is this going to work? And then for some reason, it just worked like a jigsaw.”

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