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X Element star Scarlett Lee records song for Ashley Cain’s child

X ASPECT star Scarlett Lee has actually revealed she’s releasing a cover song today in tribute to Ashley Cain’s terminally ill daughter Azyalia.

The singer, who completed runner-up on the competitors in 2018, praised Ashley and girlfriend Azaylia for the care they have actually offered their child daughter, who has a rare type of leukaemia.

Along with a picture of the eight-month-old, Scarlett, 23, wrote on Instagram: “‘ How Can Somebody you have never fulfilled have such an impact on your life’ Azaylia you are the factor, I haven’t stopped believing and praying and crying and smiling since of you!

” Your lovely little face lights up everyone’s world. You Guys Need a medal, your strength and love for your daughter is impressive I pray that god heals our little princess! You princess are the people’s princess ❤ please whoever reads this WISH a recovery how can life be so harsh. ”

Revealing she’s been swamped with requests to record a tune Azaylia, Scarlett informed how the time was now best to do it.

She continued: “I have been asked a ton of times to record a cover and obviously I was going to. it will be up tomorrow. Keep battling champ you got this and you got a great deal people here combating with you too. ❤ #azaliya #letsgochamp.”

Last night Safiyya required to Instagram to expose Azaylia is “having a hard time to open her eyes” since they are so inflamed.

The worried moms and dads sought advice from their community nurse on how to combat the fluid retention – two weeks after being provided the news that their eight-month-old daughter’s leukaemia is terminal.

Safiyya could be seen nestling her little woman as she described to fans: “Azaylia’s got truly, actually swollen eyes today and we have actually been informed by our neighborhood nurses to put some cold compresses on them and get them down once again so she can open her eyes, bless her.

” She’s really, actually struggling today.”

The brave mum included the caption that they have likewise been told to turn Azaylia’s feed down to stop fluid retention.

Earlier in the day, Safiyya paid sweet tribute to her fighter daughter in a moving Instagram post as she shared artwork advocates had actually sent her and Ashley.

She wrote: “No words can compare to how happy I am of you Azaylia, being a mummy has actually changed my life and this journey has actually humbled me & made me value the real significance to life & at number 1 is health ❤.

” The day me and Daddy was blessed with you Azaylia was the very best day of our life’s, you have actually purchased us joy every day, in spite of what we are confronted with we made you a pledge from the day you was born & informed you once again in intensive care which was to offer you 100% your entire life & that promise will never ever be broken. ❤.

” Following our love as parents is household, friends and the rest of the world, Thankyou for loving my baby to see the amazing skilled pics, videos, and the entire world being lightened up for Azaylia is lovely honestly it brings me heat and appreciation to you all and as I can’t thank you all separately my love and thankfulness is with each and everybody of you.

” Thank you for revealing the universe how unique Azaylia is MY HERO”.

Safiyya and Ashley welcomed Azaylia in August of in 2015, however were left devastated simply 8 weeks later on when they were told that she had leukaemia.

They have documented much of her battle on their Instagram pages, and informed how they intend to make their little woman’s time with them as loaded with fun, love, and happiness as possible.

Earlier today, Safiyya revealed that “struggling” Azaylia is now on oxygen in the house after she was rushed to hospital again.

She formerly informed how the tot has actually lost movement in half of her face due to tumours on her brain.

Last month, Ashley and Safiyya raised over ₤ 1 million to take Azaylia to Singapore in a desperate attempt to conserve her life – but were left devastated when they were informed the professionals in the nation could not help.

Ashley Cain’s child Azaylia takes ‘early morning medication’ in adorable video shared by mum Safiyya.

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Doctors in the UK then found tumours throughout Azaylia’s body, including her brain and spleen, and delivered the heartbreaking news that they ‘d lack options to treat her.

The moms and dads have actually now taken their little woman home from hospital, however still have regular trips back into A&E to keep Azaylia comfortable, with the eight month old having blood transfusions after sobbing blood, and bleeding from her nose.

Safiyya has actually also exposed purple bruises all over Azaylia’s body as the leukaemia prevents her blood from clotting.

Through her brave battle, Azaylia has actually won the hearts of the country, and has been chosen for a Pride of Britain award – with people across the UK also requiring to their doorsteps to “Clap for Azaylia” earlier this week.

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